Official website of the visual artist Yaz

Yaz is a multimedia artist who has been developing her skills her entire life. She began by creating art solely as a hobby, but after becoming disabled due to Fibromyalgia, multiple car accidents, and neck surgery art became her outlet to the world. It became her savior, driving her to push forward, and to be excited, hopeful, and it allows her to have control over something in her  life. Although her pain and physical limitations may keep her from creating at times, when she is able to do it she feels so free. It's something that no one can ever take away from from her, or make her feel badly about, which is a rarity in life. And the fact that others get to enjoy her work is just the cherry on top.

When it comes to her creating Yaz loves to experiment with a variety of mediums and combinations of mediums including acrylics, watercolors, collage, relief printing, the list goes on. Her constant strive for experimentation is what prevents her from being tied down with one medium; plus its keeps her creative juices flowing. Although she does enjoy experimenting with various mediums, the one constant in all of her works is that they are created in her signature style, which is emphasized by her use of bright, bold colors. Yaz not only loves creating these pieces, but she's also an active member in the Art Abandonment movement and has abandoned her works for others to find all over CA. Her creations can also be found around town, specifically on a Sacramento News & Review Newsrack that she custom painted with pieces from her Matisse Inspired Rappers Series back in 2014; the Newsrack can be found in front of the SN&R office located in Sacramento. Her work is also often on display in and around Sacramento as she actively exhibits it in various caf├ęs, shops, and offices. Her newest creative endeavor involves establishing and organizing an Artist Meetup Group in Citrus Heights in order to build more of an artist community in the area.

While she does love creating her custom California Flag multimedia pieces and painting her favorite rappers such as Mac Dre and Ice Cube, she also enjoys painting a variety of other subjects utilizing various styles from abstract to the more realistic. Beyond what she has created, her ultimate goal is to inspire others to see the artist within themselves, even those who don't consider themselves "artists". Additionally, Yaz seeks to awaken an appreciation for all types of art regardless of medium, subject or style.